Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jesus is our Valentines Day lover!

Happy Valentines Day friends! <3 For me, this is my favorite's like a whole holiday dedicated to pink! What could be better?!
Anyway, the above picture pretty much says it all..but I'll add a few words:

Today, this holiday has been commercialized  to add to product demand (aka: flowers, candy, bears, etc) that the origin and beauty of it has been lost. But I think that the true meaning of this "holiday" was written loonngg before industry and the saints that brought us it's name. Think John 3:16.  When I saw that verse set up like a valentine greeting I realized.."wait! God does love us..He is our lover ..He sent His son so that we could live..and be His!" Doesn't that take "B Mine" to a whole new level?!  When we view this pagan holiday this way, everything becomes even more sweet. :)

This brings me to another point though, Jesus is our lover. "huh?" Think about it, what does He do? He pursues us till we give in and love Him, He wants all of us and to be in our heart, He was willing to die to save us (which is pretty noble and romantic), and what does he ask in return? Simply that we receive His love for us and honor it. We see relationships everywhere..things that go wrong and go right..but how do we know what do in one? We look at our parents, our siblings, friends, etc. But where did they learn how to deal with a relationship? Who they make mistakes too? Absolutely! So why are we looking at their relationship to perhaps base our own off of? Doesn't make a lot of sense does it?:P How did Jesus handle His relationships though? Perfectly! I'm sure He was always an awesome friend, brother, and know what though? He is still a friend..and a lover. He wants to be yours and wants you to be His, so really, what relationship should we be modeling ours after? God's :) The more we spend time with Him the more we learn His ways, the more we practice with Him the less mistakes we will make, the more we love Him, the more loved we will feel, but most of all, the closer we are to Him  the better not only our relationship with Him will get, but also, the better our relationships with those around will be! If we want someone to model a perfect relationship from...just look to the sky..for all of nature reflects His glory and shows His love! Why settle for something less than perfect when perfect is possible through our Lord?!

This Valentines Day, I pray that as you show your love to those around you, that you will model that love off of what you see in your relationship with God!
Is that relationship where it should be?

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